$150 Feeds one child for the school year

“Charity sees the need, not the cause”

– German Proverb


Myatt elementary
christ lutheran church

collectively we can make a difference

food for fuel

Malnutrition robs a child’s potential by causing delays in motor and cognitive development—leaving them to struggle with major learning disruptors such as attention deficit disorder, poor memory, and reduced problem-solving abilities. Certain nutrient deficiencies are proven to adversely impact a child’s classroom performance.    Inadequate levels of iron in the diet leave children tired throughout the day and more prone to behavioral problems and poor performance in school.  Zinc deficiency in children is associated with reduced cognitive and motor performance and with higher incidence of depression and attention deficit disorders. Not having enough iodine impacts a child’s brain development, drastically lowering IQ. Insufficient vitamin A weakens the immune system and can lead to increased school absence because of a sick child.